How To Stop Procrastinating And Build The Habit Of Writing

PhD productivity and academic writing. Who doesn’t want to get better at both?

Olga Degtyareva is a PhD coach that specialises in productivity and beating procrastination. She has been coaching PhD’s and postdocs for many years. They all get fantastic results after working with Olga.

I decided to interview her because she is launching her new course “Start Writing And Get It Done“. In it she combines productivity and motivation advice to get you in the habit of writing daily.

PhD Procrastination and the habit of writing

Does that sound like a dream to you? Well, it is possible, doable, and even a bit easy.

You will have to listen to this interview if you want to know more.

This is what we cover in the interview:

  • Why we procrastinate
  • How we can change our mindset so we love our PhD and WANT to work harder
  • How to start the daily habit of writing
  • Once you write daily, how to avoid self-sabotage and stay on track
  • Some productivity tips from Tim Ferriss and comedian Jerry Seinfeld
  • Some special news Olga has in store for you

Watch the video of the interview

Listen to the audio in Soundcloud

Selected links from the interview


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