Letter Templates For Graduate School, PhD Students and Scientists

Do you need a statement of purpose for graduate school? Or a recommendation letter for a PhD?

Maybe you are already a PhD student trying to submit his first publication to a journal. Do you know how to write the cover letter for your submission?

The journal editor will send you back the changes suggested for the referees. Can you write a rebuttal letter?

It takes time to learn how to write these letters for graduate school.

Let’s be honest, it’s easier to copy these letters from somebody that knows how to write them. Let me help you here.

These are the letters I have used to apply for a PhD and once I was accepted, during my PhD. Grab these letter templates for graduate school that will help you to get accepted in graduate school, get your scientific papers published and student stipends for scientific conference.

You can buy them in different packs or individually.

You can also buy the letters for graduate school separately. Check below.

Letter Templates for PhD Applications

Statement of purpose for graduate school


This Statement of Purpose for Graduate School will get you invited for an interview. If you are serious about becoming a PhD student you need a great statement of purpose. Check more details about this statement of purpose for graduate school here.

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School


This is the Recommendation Letter for Graduate School that somebody sends to support your application for a PhD. It is the perfect template for a recommendation letter.You just need to adapt it to your situation and find somebody that wants to recommend you. Together with the statement of purpose for graduate school, these letter will get you invited for a PhD interview.


Letter Templates for PhD Students and Scientists

Cover Letter Journal Submission


You submit your first paper. Together with your paper you need to send a Cover Letter with your Journal Submission. In a few sentences, you convince the editors to consider your paper for being reviewed. This cover letter for journal submission shows how to do it.

Rebuttal Letter Journal Submission


You submitted your first paper and the reviewers asked you for changes. This is the Rebuttal Letter that you send to the editor of the scientific journal detailing how you addressed the changes suggested by the reviewers.



Conference Bursary Reference Letter


This is a Conference Bursary Letter that you send to the organizers of a scientific conference asking for a scholarship. Traveling to conference s is usually expensive for PhD students. You can convince your boss to allow you to go to the conference if you get a student stipend. This conference bursary letter for graduate school is all you need.


Statement of Purpose for Graduate School