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You need to do one more thing before you’ll start receiving updates from me:

  1. Check your email for a message from “Next Scientist
  2. Click the link in that email to confirm your subscription.
  3. If you don’t see the email within 5 – 10 minutes, please check your spam filter.
  4. Add [email protected] to your list of “safe senders” in your email address-book. This will ensure that updates don’t get caught in your spam filter.

Once you’ve followed those steps, you’re all set to go!

Do you use Gmail? Read this, it’s important.

Gmail is phasing in a new “tabbed inbox” system. You might have already see it in your inbox if you use gmail. If not, you’ll see it soon.

Oh and a quick hat tip to my buddy Jonathan Fields for giving me the heads up on this. I borrowed many of the below instructions from him…

So gmail has split your inbox into 5 separate inboxes and created tabs across the top labeling each “Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums”.

The bummer is...they’ve also decided that they (not you) get to choose which emails go into which new inbox tab, unless you tell them otherwise. 

Why does this matter?

A lot of emails you’ve asked to receive will end up under the tab marked Promotions, even though they’re pure content and you’ve specifically asked to get them.

Just about all emails from the bloggers and other websites and people you subscribe to are being lumped into the “Promotions” inbox automatically, where you’ll likely never look. And you’ll end up missing a ton of stuff you wanted, like these emails from Next Scientist

The good news – there’s a super easy fix

If you use gmail, look at your account to see if the new “tabbed” inboxes have been turned on (you’ll see the new tabs across the top of your emails).

If so, here’s how to make sure you’re seeing what you’ve asked to see 

1 – Click on the Promotions inbox tab.

2 – Drag any emails from people you actually want to hear from (hopefully, that includes Next Scientist) and drop them onto the tab that says Primary. Then, when it asks if you want future emails to go into your Primary inbox, just click yes.

For the next few weeks, as gmail phases these new tabbed inboxes in, be sure to check your Promotions inbox to make sure nothing else you really want is getting caught in it.

And then we’re all set!


If you want to totally turn off the new tabbed inboxes (which I quickly did as I don’t like being shown the emails I want to read), just click on the Settings “gear” image at the upper right corner of your inbox and select “Settings.” Click the “Inbox” tab and uncheck ALL of the categories except “Primary” then save your changes.