Choose The First E-book for PhD Students

Tell Me the topic you want to read in my upcoming e-book for PhD students I am crafting my first (paid) e-book for PhD students. You might have seen a note on the sidebar of this site. And I want your feedback on exactly which kind of topic you want me to write for you. So […]

Write For Us: Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post For Next Scientist

I heard you want to write a guest post for Next Scientist. These are great news! Please, take some time to read theses guidelines for writing a guest post. In short the process is like this, you pitch by email your idea for a guest post and if I like it I will ask you […]

Are You Reading These 17 Science Blogs? You Should

These days everybody keeps asking “If you could only read 17 science blogs which would you choose?”  so I decided to address this issue by sharing my favorite science blogs. If you are not already reading them, start today. A science blog can be many things, from the rants of a frustrated PhD student to the award […]

Resources For Digital Scientists

You are a scientist. You want to use a science blog and social media to get exposure and promote your science. You believe that being a digital scientist is the best way to progress in your scientific career. These resources for digital scientists will help you to achieve that. [note color=”#fbefef”] Disclaimer Some of these […]

How Writing A Science Blog Saved My PhD

People ask for the benefits of writing a science blog before deciding if it makes sense to write one. Some say a science blog gives you exposure. Others would like to hear that they will write more publications thanks to their blog. If now I look back, I can see a clear benefit of running […]

9 Reasons Why Running A Science Blog Is Good For You

Have you ever wondered why some crazy scientists waste their time writing a science blog instead of more papers? I am not talking about people whose job is science communication or science journalism. I am talking about regular scientists like you or me. And these guys are no fools, so there must be something behind […]