Attending Workshop Social Media in Life Sciences

This April 23rd Next Scientist will be present at the Workshop Social Media in Life Sciences in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The main topic of the workshop is how young entrepreneurs and academic scientists can benefit  from LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Hands-on assistance will be provided for those who need it.

Do you plan to attend the workshop? You can announced or have a peak at the attendee list in (so far 43!!) this LinkedIn event . They have different backgrounds, form science communication to academic researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and drug industry representatives.

These are some of the questions that the attendees want to be addressed at the workshop:

  • How do we bring social media for scientists out of the ‘private domain’ into the ‘professional domain’?
  • How can you ‘stand out of the crowd’ in this era of digital information overlaod?
  • Which media work best for what?
  • How much capacity does a comms department need, to do (& follow!) it properly?
  • What possibilities social media offer for education about Life Sciences?
  • How to position yourself as the expert or “go-to-company” in a scientific field?
  • How to handle more sensitive topics as patient recruitment in the social media of a drug developing company?
At Next Scientist we try to encourage scientists to use blogs and social media in Life Sciences. We are interested mainly in two questions:
  • What keeps scientists from embracing social media in Life Sciences?
  • How to make it easier for them to transition to Web 2.0?

About the workshop

When: April 23rd, 3-6 pm

Where: Matthias van Geuns Building Descartes Center, Bolognalaan 48, Utrecht, The Netherlands (map)

Who: Organized by Niaba, Syntens, and Utrecht Life Sciences

Workshop report

After the workshop we will write a post with all the in’s and out’s of the meeting. Please visit Next Scientist if you cannot attend the meeting but want to know more about social media for Life Sciences. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive via email the report on this meeting.

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