What is Next Scientist about?

Next Scientist is about creating Scientists 2.0.

Next Scientist is about empowering scientists to take part in the new science and developing skills for your success in the new science.

In Next Scientist you will find some of the dots you will connect in the future in order to explain your achievements.

We’ll be sharing tips, how-to articles, opinions of experts, case studies and more on all kinds of topics from technology, the Internet, communication and new approaches to take control of your scientific career.


Who is behind Next Scientist

Julio Peironcely – Founder and Editor

Julio E. Peironcely
Julio is founder and editor of Next Scientist. He is a PhD student in Metabolomics and Metabolite Identification at Leiden University, The Netherlands. He runs his own website JulioPeironcely.com and has been blogging and using social media for several years, both for fun and for professional purposes.


Write for Next Scientist

Have something interesting or useful you want to share with the readers of Next Scientist? Would you like to guest post in Next Scientist? Please send me an email.


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I use most of them and I can give my word they are of great quality, 100% recommended, no spam.